Friday, 26 July 2013

Top vector picks for this week

So in my search to find the best free vectors I used many sites. Including even Google IMAGE search. I know, I know, you're probably thinking.. "is that what you have for us James". Well no, its one of the many resources I use though. Its actually one of the most under-rated vector searches online.

You can search images from time found, predominate colors, size of image, and much much more. Simply click on "Search Tools" and go through all the options and try them out. Truly one of the best searches to find graphics and vectors.

Then you have your paid services such are Dreamstime, ShutterShock, IStockPhoto and others. They are the best option if you have the money to spend. They are generally quite expensive and your money doesn't go a long way. I think with today's resources most of your needs can be met with free open source graphics. There are many graphics designers that put their stuff out there for free. No royalty images, no need to pay at all. Sites that offer best free vectors stock images and graphics from designers that allow free distribution of their graphics design. They  usually contain hundreds of thousands of images and stock vectors and best thing is, they are all free. You are also able to upload and share you own designs. Their search tools are very much similar (color search, time uploaded, etc) to google images search, which I mentioned earlier has hands down the best search options of any online image search.

I think any novice to intermediate graphics designer can find all their vector graphic needs from free vector sites. Without having to fork out hundreds of dollars for paid services. A search on Google for "free vector downloads" will yield many of the best vector graphics sites. More on how to find quality vectors coming in the next posts.  

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